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Shark Tank's Marketing Plan For Small Business

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White Shark $99/Mo/loc Tiger Shark $299/Mo/loc Bull Shark $499/Mo/loc
Business listing on 30 plus sites
Menu management
Online menu ordering
Reservation through ordering menu
Adding reviews to your listings
Free Audit on your site
Monthly analytic report on Business improvement
Banner on major map and navigation sites
We offer managed services
On-page optimization
competitive analysis
Paid Ad service/AdWords
Fix the poor navigation on your website
SEO Audit
Mobile marketing
Custom build website to optimize your marketing campaign**
Demography based marketing
Link Building
Keyword hunting services
Individual account manager
No setup fee $99 value free $199 value free $299 value free
Your discounted price is $69/Mo/location With 6 months contract Your discounted price is $149/Mo/location With 6 months contract Your discounted price is $299/Mo/location With 6 months contract

** Custom site building is for a standard website. E-commerce and CMS sites may cost you extra.

The Best software company is US IT Solution

The Best software company is US IT SolutionThere is a lot of software company in the world. Good, better and best company in the world. I think US IT solution is the best software company in the world.Why we are the best software company?@ We have a skilled & experienced software engineers team.@ We foc

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10 of Your Skills, Will Take in 2020 in a Unique Height

Young people in our country are a very common complaint, " there is no job!" many are BBA from the country's reputed all universities, MBA, has done the engineering, but not able to gather a good job at all.Where is the problem - lack of employment, or lack of skills?

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