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US IT Solution provides widely IT Services for Desktop Support, Server Support, Networking Support, Security for Internet and Backup/Restore Support for disaster recovery of your system.

Desktop support

We are more than a Software development company. We understand the importance of hardware to your businesses specially those align with mission critical software. We understand the OS and applications those are running on your desktop. We are ready to get your computer software or hardware issue fixed in no time. Our services offer savings for your production uptime. We take support to the next level by making sure your users have computers that are fast, and ransomwares / malware / virus free. The moment your employee has a problem, we can remotely step them through the fix, and make sure they can get back to work, trouble free!

Server Support

Keeping your server UpToDate with vendor specific patches/updates is essential to protect your server against online security breaches. We can take that burden off you. Our expert IT team will make sure that the patches/updates are applied to your server without interfering your production software. Our system engineers have many years of server managing experience in the enterprises. We also manage day-to-day operations and maintenances of your server. Let our team of experts manage and maintain your server for you. We can also help protect the data on your server from ransomware and data breach, this will help your business run which offer more production time for your organization.

Data Backup

Do you have disaster recovery plan? Are you ready for disaster that strikes your business which leads to data loss? We will help backup your systems and restore your data safely when the time comes. We offer onsite, offsite and cloud based back up for all your devices on your network. So, you can restore your system quickly and from anywhere. We have flexible price plan for all your devices. We come onsite to set up and help bring back any device from back up.


A business network is one of the most neglected devices in a business. We can help prevent that and keep your network running at top performance. We will make sure that all your network devices are updated with the latest firmware, which will help ensure that those devices are running at their optimal performance and keep them secure from hackers. We can also help you prevent bottle necks on your network by running periodic scans on your network.

Internet Security

Ransomware was not new to anyone while bitcoin was all time high. Organizations, that were victim of those attacks, knew how much it disrupted their operations and production time. These threats are still present, and your organization can be a next victim. We offer secure protection service for your business. Our protection plan protects all your devices against threats, like ransomware, malware, viruses, spyware and data breaches. Our protection is one of the best out in the market today.

Give us a call discuss for all your IT support. We offer free consultancy. We are more than an IT company.

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