Church Management Solution

We provide support and solutions to all types of Churches, non-profits, and religious organizations whether you have one location or multiple. We start with your websites and deal with many modern days issues that each organization faces everyday. Here are some of the features that can benefit Churches with day to day operations.

Donation Management

Sharing the App

Project Management

The Bible

Groups management

Scrolling Announcement

Blog Posts

Prayer Groups

Sermons Details



Inventory Management

Daily Devotional


Committee management

Payment Management

Live Streaming

Instant Messaging

Now imagine that all the above features are incredibly easy to manage through your website or app. You do not have to make it from scratch. It can be ready within hours of your request.

So this is how you break away from your disadvantage to advantage and take control with our easy peasy admin tool to get your mobile friendly website.

What is the need for your Church? Contact our team to get a free demo.

Here are some features on the member side of the APP to stay connected and invite a guest to the Church.

The Bible

Submit Your ideas


Check in

Instant message


Weekly Schedule


Share App



Invite a guest