10 of Your Skills, Will Take in 2020 in a Unique Height

Young people in our country are a very common complaint, " there is no job!" many are BBA from the country's reputed all universities, MBA, has done the engineering, but not able to gather a good job at all.
Where is the problem - lack of employment, or lack of skills?

No wealth is valuable than the skilled human resources of a country. The 18-35-Year-old population of Bangladesh is almost one-third of the total population of the country, which is approximately 5 crore. It is sad that a large part of this huge population is not working anywhere.

Currently, the 47 percent graduate of Bangladesh has been completed by the unemployed. Many ideas he has no uncle-Khalu, so he is not having a job. Many people blame the education system. Many think the amount of employment in the country is limited.

But the reality is that there are more than two million foreign citizens working in the country, most of them are India. The next step is the citizens of other countries including Sri Lanka and Pakistan. In the high level of our country, these foreign citizens are sending a large portion of the earnings, which is the amount of $ 5 billion or 40 thousand crore taka!

So there is no job, the word is not right, what is not that is the necessary skill. The organization will give a person a job only when he can give them some 'value'. This applies to all the organization around the world. For example, there is no word to be more GPA in the exam to get a job at Google. There is no importance of getting a good number in the GPA or exam to get a job on Google. There is a lot of great skills to write in mathematics and computer, especially in the case of writing the "work" how the candidate knows.

The world economic forum discusses the top officials of various companies across the world, finding out some of the research, which depends on the assurance of our career in 2020 Let's know about the things he's about.

1# Critical thinking

The meaning of this means is the process of making a proper decision by putting different information on the work. That's all you need to do with work. What the rival companies are going on with the plan, the demand of anything in the market is now to have clear ideas about the power of the most, the power of your own company, and to make the right decision in the hostile moment by putting them in action. Gotta pick up.

For example, the company has a lot of sale for a week in the blah branch, you have to find out what is working on the sales of sales. If it is possible to apply them to other branches of the company, will it give a big profit to the company for the long term, or will not be able to understand it. Data is the most important power in the age of this information, the more the information is, the more the work will be ahead of the other.

2# Creativity

Who makes a building? The work of making is raj miss, but the main achievement is the work of the architect - because of the design. So you can make something from yourself or do the typical things that will be your value on it.

The value of creativity throughout the world is very much. Creative workers do all the work a little differently, which brings more output than the typical method. The more you have the impact of creativity in your work, the company will be happy on you.

So just don't run with your own work, you have to keep your eyes open, everything around you will have to notice it well. And students should be able to read books and build a habit of watching the movie. (action, thriller and superhero movie no, there are lots of educational books movies, make them a habit to see them. Those who are related to your work. )

3# People management

One of the oldest allegations of our generation in the name of the generation-the lack of our lack is evident. Sometimes I feel like I'm fighting even if I talk naturally! The Internet crisis has caused more dangerous problems - the whole day smartphone, laptop sitting with young people, socialize with people, the skills of talking are not at all.

If you want to work in the company, you have to sit up with a lot of people, you have to take a mother with everyone. If you want to work in a big position, you must lead the small-big team. The question is how are you managing your team? Your boss will never come to the news by calling your team to everyone. He will want a summary of everything you will present in front of him.

And that's why you must build a great understanding with team members, with them regularly to keep in touch, who is when what is working, when is going on vacation, on whom is the responsibility of any work - everything must be held. If you can do these things fair, the authorities will believe in you relaxed.

4# Warren Buffett’s law

Warren Buffett, one of the top richest people in the world, has more than 60 companies. His policy for managing is to give the organization the chief executive-Manager.
So his main work is to find a competent executive officer or manager. It is not possible to make a visionary decision in favor of mindless lazy people. Comfort cannot be appointed as the manager of the dears, because they are broken in an adverse situation.
There is no effort to improve the problem of the people who are less insincerity, they are not able to improve.
People who have to take the company, those who are being ideal, " you are your job!" whose profession is not only the medium of earning, it is also a personal love. In the hostile environment they try to get out of there, their efforts are in progress in the optimal time. He finds the struggle of such a struggling person. Warren Buffet thinks that if you want to get the highest output, you will have to give responsibility to such people. This type of people are independent, be independent, keep your decisions, and leave them at any cost.

When people start thinking of a field, they want freedom, this is exactly the freedom he gives to his manager. The Annual meeting of yes Hathaway is once a year. The Warren Buffet writes a long letter to everyone and the shareholder for the organization. In that letter, all of the future plans are mentioned from the institutions of the institution.

5# Co-ordination with others

At Work, there is a lot of people who have to work with a lot of people, not everyone is It will make a friendly relationship with someone, and you will not match anyone again. But if you want to work, you will have to have a mother's skill with everyone. Blah you don't like so can't work with him it's not going to happen if you don't like it. So, of course, you should have the ability to maintain a friendly relationship with everyone in need of work. There will be a good connection in the work if you don't have a combination. That's why this following is very useful.

6# Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence means to treat your personal emotions in the work of work. I give a very simple example, think that your close ones are dead, your mind will be done by the work of your own. But if you have an impact on your work, then you won't be able to do it. Because you have a lot of people's work with your work, they won't be able to see what happened to you, it is only that they are working to get work.

Think again, for some reason the boss has beaten you, then your work will be to confess your mistake - what is the reason why you have to eat it! You can't be upset, you have to think about where to improve your work by maintaining professionalism. This is the most important thing of emotional intelligence.

7# Judgment & Decision making

The decision to take a decision is important, if you have this following, you will get appreciation everywhere. The decision of a manager is to make decisions, let it be right and wrong. This is part of the world. For example, any flavored ice cream will buy a brand laptop starting from the purchase-there is a decision to decide. Very Easy example-this is the article that is reading, what will be the title of this, but I have to decide to think about it.

In our country, there are many reasons to make decisions between people. Because most families do the work of their parents to make decisions on their children. But don't be with parents at work! So here everything judges if you qualify to accept the final decision then you can claim yourself as a leader. If you wait for the decision to sit on a small issue, then the authority of the authority will not be built on you.

8# Service Orientation

The mentality of serving people is very important. In our country, there is no use of this issue. We study - but don't get any interest. Even if you want to do a job, there is no Mamta to work. When I get off, we get to get where we go.
When you do something, you must love that job before everyone. Because if you don't love the work, you will never be able to give proper service. When the authorities see you are a shortage of service, then their trust will be reduced to you naturally. At least, it is very important to know two foreign languages

9# Negotiation

To resolve the neg to be called straight in Bengali, come to a decision through the discussion between the two parties. You can't even think how many neg you have to do on the day after entering the work! If you publish the operation to do this, it will be a long way to go back!

The most important work neg in the business world of the present world. Many agencies in our country only keep some workers in the company for neg.
So if you build yourself as skilled in this job, no one will be able to stop your move in the company! This neg is proficient but it is built from childhood. Going to the market with the shopkeeper, the mind will be resolved among friends, to agree to anything in life, in all cases, the value of neg smell is immense.

10# Cognitive Flexibility

There must be knowledge beyond the things you are studying. At least, it is very important to know two foreign languages.
What is happening in the current world, what is the political-social situation of the country - have to have a good idea about everything.
The habit of reading the regular newspaper for that must be built. If you think " I am studying engineering, what is the point of knowing what is in between Donald Trump and Putin!" then it is difficult!
Everything must be in the primary level of knowledge. PowerPoint, Excel, video editing. These are essential.

So build up skills from now on. Wherever you go, everything will watch carefully, try to learn. Then no one can hold your forward.

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