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Inventory management is really an important element for every business organization. betterment of your business Reliable Order Management. Easy Inventory Tracking. Manage Customers, accounts, products. reduce Costs & increase Money. Its make easy to maintain the business system, reduce system losses, cost-effective business digitalization, increase profit and value of the business.

To get an exceptionally powerful and elite framework to control your representative execution and lift the production network exercises, you should pick the best Inventory Inventory management software in Bangladesh. With the assistance of our software,

you can get continuous visibility of your administration and exchange exercises on the entirety of your business channels, staffs, and Wearhouse.

Many companies have inventory management software in Bangladesh. To get more accurate information, gather it and access it at the fastest time are the basic reasons. When you accept our inventory software, you get to reduce your costs as it performs tasks of many human resources.

Also, it gathers all the resources in a single place that provides you a wide opportunity to take important decisions and bring out sustainable solutions to reduce costs from other departments.



*Accessible from anywhere

*Reduce cost by analyzing the product information and sustainable solutions

*Gathering the resources

*A balanced inventory turnover ratio

Effectffect the inventory turnover ratio?

Inventory turnover is a metric counted in order to evaluate the situation of inventories by dividing the cost of goods sold with average inventory in hand.  Both high turnover and a low turnover ratio are harmful to any business organization. A balanced turnover ratio is best for any organization. 

With the help of our inventory management software in Bangladesh, your cost will be decreased. Installing an automation system can save many working hours for the employees. It will decrease employee cost also increase the productivity at once. 

So, it will be very helpful to retain a balanced inventory turnover ratio if you had developed an Inventory management software in Bangladesh.

##Main feature of Inventory Management Software:

1. Exclusive & dynamic Dashboard

2. Very easy invoicing system

3. Product management system

4. Dealer management system

5. Customers management system

6. Supply chain management system

7. Vendor & Purchase management system

8. Stock management system

9. Account Management

10. Data  synchronizer & settings 

11. Easy transaction management

12. Sales Management

13. Category based management system

14. Reorder management

15. online order management

16. Real time report generate

#Exclusive & Dynamic Dashboard:

Stock is the life-blood of any company. We are offering a definitive software management software to assume great responsibility for stock. Our framework begins with a responsive and dynamic dashboard. Its a total diagram of the entire framework. Here are the chances to get moment access to some significant frameworks like invoicing, POS invoicing, items, client, deals and Inventory management software, and so on.  A dashboard will demonstrate your month to month advancement report through a histogram. It additionally has a graphical introduction of your all-out client, provider, product summary.

#Very Easy Invoicing System: 

We make invoicing simpler than the least demanding. Upbeat invoicing with only a couple of snaps. In this area, you can make another receipt, POS receipt and get simple invoice management software.

#Product Management System:

By utilizing this module you can draw out your business before your eyes and effectively deal with your item even while you are sleeping. Item area holds data including product name, product model, quantity, sales price, supplier price, etc. You can likewise follow your item by scanner tag or QR-code scanning.

#Dealer Management System:

You can Entry dealer information. manage every single deal with them easily.

#Customers management system:

*Add customer: Input details about the customers. Their name, address, phone, Email etc.

*Manage customer: Manage & update data of your customer.

*Credit customer: Manage your credit customer data individually.

*Paid customer: Manage your paid customer data individually.

#Supply chain management system:

*Add supplier: Input & reserve supplier details, name, contract, address.

*Manage supplier: Manage supplier data edit, erase & modify.

*Supplier ledger: Maintain supplier status & get ledger. You will also get a ledger supplier & sales basis.

*Supplier payment: Input supplier payment history.

*Supplier details: Supplier details show you supplier actual status.

#Vendor & Purchase Management System:

Acquiring effectiveness guarantees you more benefit. Here is the system for dealing with your everything information, estimating and taking viable buying choice. Our element holds everything information in one spot and makes you more equipped than your competitors.

                                                                *Add purchase: Record your buy subtleties provider name, date, receipt no, item subtleties, amount, stock amount, cost, etc

                                                                *Manage purchase: include, Erase and oversee record and get a moment status of your acquiring.

#Stock management system:

Stock report: This feature provides you the stock report including product name, model, quantity, selling price, supplier price, stock out, stock in, stock in hand, etc.

Supplier wise stock report: Get stock report basis on your supplier.

Product-wise stock report: Get stock report basis on your product.

#Account Management:

This element gathers everything provider, client, worker, and every other detail. You can deal with your benefit and liabilities effectively by making the record as per its name. 

Here is additionally a system for all-out receipt and installment the executives, you will get entire day exchange report in a single tick. Plus, we offshoot day by day shutting revealing framework, money close by detailing with this component.

#Data  synchronizer & settings:

Information synchronization makes you exceptional and affirms the wellbeing and security of your information. Here are two coordinated frameworks synchronize, reinforcement and reestablish. 

Settings choice give you the chance of simple customization. This component incorporates: 

                                                    *Organization profile management system

                                                    *Various client management 

                                                    *Different language management. 

                                                    *Organization logo, favicon, header, footer, and subtleties settings.

#Easy transaction management:

Income is the respiratory capacity of the business. You might be the disappointment because of the absence of appropriate administration of your income. We incorporate Bank, Commission, Office credit, individual advance four unique choices to guarantee the best income the board.

#Sales Management:

daily sales quantity, sales items, sales amount and also daily customer or consumer management possible to use the inventory management software.

#Category based management system:

Categorize your every product details based on separate variants with category option. You are getting the following system for this feature:

*Add category: You can create multiple categories you need.

*Manage category: Click, update, manage and get specific data about your products.

#Reorder management: manage to reorder sales, items, and customer.

#online order management:

Nowadays people find their need & demand in online. if you can provide their solution, you have to make a system for online ordering so that buyer can order easily online.

#Real time report generate:

To defer settling on the correct choice is a shrewd choice. We are giving the instant reporting system to take the immediate arrangement. Get day to the day sales report, buy a report, benefits report instantly. Our on-time reporting system adjoining the following options:

                                            *The present report: Get everyday Sales and buy Report. 

                                            *sales report: Sales report dependent on date, receipt no, client subtleties and so forth

                                            *Buy report: Sales report including client subtleties. 

                                            *Product base sales report: Sales report dependent on stock subtleties. 

                                            *Receipt base benefit report: Get receipt insightful benefit report.

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