Know that the four mantras to be the richest in the world

Everyone wants to be rich. But a few steps to be rich is to pass. Who knows better than Jeff Bējōsēra, the founder of the world's best richest Amazon? He was recently advised to be successful in business at a conference held in Las Vegas.
There he speaks four words of success. In that conference of're: Mars ', know the four mantras given by Jeff Bejos:

1# There must be real passion in business
Jeff Bezos says you have to have lots of real emotions to succeed in business. You have to compete with the real emotional person. That's why you have to be a real missionary, you will not be able to go to the market. So, if you want to succeed in business, you will have to be a real entrepreneur, not a mercenary or a salaried worker. Indeed, those who do real business by being a missionary, they earn more at the end of the day.

2# Need to take risk all the time
Jeff Bezos said with the risk of taking risks as the world's top richest person, if you have a business idea without risk, then think, nobody is doing business. You have to do something that won't work properly. On the other hand, you have to move on with a lot of experiments to be tested. We always work on risk. We talk about our failures.

3# There will be no fear of failure
According to the chief executive of Amazon, the key to success in failure. It is difficult to be successful if you are afraid of failing. Need to move with new ideas. If you fail in this, you will not be broken. I have to stand up again and again. Need to start a new work. The faster you turn in business, the more you succeed. But it is important to know where to stop.

4# Have to listen to
Those who want to be successful, they have to listen to a lot of attention. Then they have to bring a huge change in the world. Those who can change themselves without a lot of information can change the mind of the people who wake up and change their minds, those who can't change the attitude quickly, they sit in a lot of mistakes. Those who want to be successful, they are less than the basic. References: (fast company).

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