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US IT Solution LLC offers services:

1. Website Design & Development
2. Digital Niche marketing
3. Business listing optimization
4. SMS/MMS/email marketing
5. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
6. Social Media and content management

Website Design & Development: Small business owners do not care what languages, Web design, Database, Graphics, framework, or tool been used to develop the web application. As an SME, I do agree with the business owners. It requires someone creativity along with inside knowledge who can understand the business requirements to fulfill the desired outcome. The business has its own language and many tech geeks often overlook and offer the goods which have desired results on the customers perspective. The developers may have different perspectives on this. I, as an ex-small business owner for over a decade, understand total business requirements which business is crying for. I can deliver that with pride. Therefore, I built a team to do exactly that. One of the custom sites that I have launched lately is Twister wireless sells Cell phones, accessories, and services in Oklahoma City. 
One of my biggest challenges was how we can keep the traffic on the page before they bounced out. I sat with the business owner to offer my perspective. He trusted my way to build the site. Now it is serving two things. One is keeping the traffic engaged and customers also getting something in return. Take a look at the site. It may change your mind as well as to ponder on it before you dive into your new project.

Digital Marketing: Digital marketing has always been the weapon of the corporation. In the early 1990s, search engine results were in millions but since then it has been growing exponentially. It has been exploited by the big boys only. From your favorite search engine, do a search on any topic, example “electronics”, your SERP will look like this for top 5 results:

So, where are you seeing a small business on the organic search? Small businesses are the heart of America, but they are pushed to the corner. Small businesses are capped with a limited budget. The corporation will always outperform them the majority of the time. So, if you are a small business owner then the time is now to step up your game plan. can offer you a marketing plan that will offer the best industry practice to get you the ranking you deserve when your customers are looking for you on the web. We understand your business requirements and what your customers are looking for locally. We drive them to your store. You can request a free audit of your digital marketing approach for your business. Visit our site today @ to check out our “SHARK TANK” plan.

Business Listing Optimization: Small business owners are used to setting up a sign outside of the business and that’s what used to draw foot traffic to their store. It is still the norm, but it is changing. So, what is that changing consumer behavior? Millennials and Generation X are the two-member groups who are using the web for most of their needs. Generation X members spent 32 hours a week on consuming all media and Millennials about 27 hours. These facts are the trigger points for the last decade and corporations are well ahead of the game. Majority of the small business owners are not even aware of these facts. Good news for the small business owners is that our digital marketing Guru can give your business more visibility on the digital platform. Your business should pop up on the SERP results if your potential customer is looking for your business or your business will lose potential revenue. Visit our site to get a free consultancy on your business listing optimization need:

SEO: Search Engine OptimizationSearch engine optimization is a way to boost traffic to your website through organic search engine results. To increase traffic to your website you need a partner who can understand your business through your eyes. There are many factors that contribute to the ranking of your site. It starts with an SEO friendly website. Many times, business owners do not even care about it. In response to who is handling your digital marketing for your products: 
The answer is like this: “My Nephew/Cousin/Hosting Provider Already does SEO. I do not need an agent or company to look after this.” So, obvious!!! I do not blame them for those responses. Big guys spent or hire dedicated people which most of the time is not affordable to the small businesses. But our expert team can do the free consultancy on your business. Our prices are the industry lowest. Here are some of the task and responsibility we will offer for your business:
1. Social Bookmarking Submissions
2. Article Submissions (based on number of words)
3. Press Release Submissions
4. Blog Submissions
5. Unique article writing
6. Unique words press releases
7. Meta tags changes suggestions
8. Keyword research
9. Competitor Analysis
10. Heading tag changes (h1 tag is more desired for ranking)
11. Alt tag changes
12. Interlinking wherever required.
13. Keyword Density in site content.
14. XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool
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SMS/MMS/Email Marketing: SMS, MMS, and Email marketing are very helpful for returning customers and make them aware about your services, products, and current or upcoming promotions in certain intervals. It has one of the highest conversion rates according to an online survey.

Social Media and Content Management: Have you ever thought of analyzing the impact of social media on your business? Effective communication with your current and future clients is very important to grow your business. We offer full services that offer the best return on the investment. Visit to get a free consultancy.

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